Diesel Jack Media is a premiere full-service marketing agency that focuses on delivering unique messages for clients that want to actually stand out from the crowd.  Their motto: We don't suck at marketing. 
Nick is Diesel Jack Media's founder and CEO.


Ranger Up is the first military lifestyle brand, founded in 2006.  Ranger Up is the true American Entrepreneur story, beginning with hand-printed shirts out of a garage, and now printing thousands of shirts daily out of 200,000 sf facility.

Nick is Ranger Up's founder and President.


Range 15 and it's accompanying documentary film, Not a War Story, was Nick's first foray into Hollywood film-making.  The film was a partnership with other notable veterans, and when their film concept was denied by the Hollywood elite, they crowdfunded $1.3M.  Range 15 opened in 650 theaters nationwide and was the first independent film to hit number one on Amazon.  It was the number two film on iTunes.  

Not a War Story became the top documentary on Amazon and iTunes a year later.

Nick is the managing partner for Range 15.